Your Proposal Has Been Submitted – Now What?

Your Proposal Has Been Submitted – Now What?

For the last month or more you put 110% of yourself and your team into preparing your proposal, pushing off other work and life activities in order to meet the submission deadline. Now that it has been submitted, what should you do next? The temptation is to put the proposal in the rearview mirror and get back to business as usual, back to the stack of work that has been building during the proposal effort.

No one wants to revisit the stressful, often painful, proposal experience, but what better time to capture lessons learned than when the experience is fresh in the team’s collective minds? Examples are:

• What worked and what didn’t work?
• What could have been done better?
• How can we modify our process to make it go smoother next time?

Those first few days after the proposal has been submitted are the only opportunity in which these lessons-learned can be captured – beyond that they will fade into distant memory. Why not take an hour or two to capture the key items on paper and use them to fine tune the process for the next proposal? A small investment in time now will pay big dividends in reduced effort and less stress in the future.

ClientView assists our clients in improving their proposal process by employing continuous improvement and refining their proposal process accordingly. We would be happy to help you with this process.

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