Conflict of Interest Policy

ClientView maintains and follows a code of ethics designed to ensure integrity is foremost in all our business dealings – not only with our Clients, but also between our Clients and their customer base – the Government

Our policy is simple and paramount in our daily business:

  • Loyalty to our Clients
  • Transparency in our business dealings
  • Refuse outcome-based compensation for Government procurements
  • Follow both the spirit and intent of all laws and regulations
  • Do not knowingly misrepresent a Client to the Government

Accordingly, we have adopted the following Conflict of Interest (COI) Policy:

ClientView will not work for any direct competitor of a current Client during the course of any contract – unless both the current Client and the prospective Client are in agreement regarding our performing work for both firms. A tie goes to our current Client – always.

When contacted by a prospective Client (prospect), we review our current arrangements for potential conflicts before allowing discussions to progress. If a conflict appears to exist, we notify both the prospect and our existing Client of the potential conflict (note: we will not divulge our existing Client’s name until it becomes necessary). If the prospect still desires to engage ClientView, we will not do so until after our existing Client has been notified in writing and agreed to the engagement, and has participated in drafting a COI Mitigation Plan that will guide future business dealings with both firms.

ClientView will not conduct work for a Client that plans to, or takes, any future action in conflict with laws and regulations of the United States or its various States and Territories.

ClientView will not participate in the creation, publication, or submission of any document or communication to the U.S. Government that we know to be fraudulent or substantially untrue.