Win It, Then Do It

Win it, Then do it

I was in a proposal meeting the other day listening to team members discussing their first draft. When the discussion turned to how we were going to win the work – the focus turned to writing about our great technology. It soon became evident that most of the writers had not studied the evaluation criteria which government reviewers would use to decide who would win the contract. Continue reading “Win It, Then Do It” »

The Value of Government Debriefs

The Value of Government Debriefs

I was in a meeting with a client the other day.  A heated discussion developed around a particular feature in their latest product and how we should design it for the user. No one around the table had a good answer. I remembered that a recent contract debrief from the Government addressed that very issue. Once we reviewed the debrief, we knew which path to take.

Has this ever happened to you? Please share your experiences.

Follow the Rules

Follow the RFP Rules

Recently I was discussing a Compliance Review we conducted for a client on a draft proposal.

We typically use a ‘traffic light’ system to code our assessments – Green for compliant, Yellow for Close But Needs Work and Red for Fix This or Be Disqualified. The assessment also provides specific guidance on how to fix or improve the non-compliant section.

Compliance is an interesting topic because it’s the details that get you thrown out. Compliance can have one or both of the following: (1) a Binary Component and/or (2) an Objective Component. Continue reading “Follow the Rules” »