Do You Know WHERE You’re Headed? Do You Have a PLAN to Get There?

Luck is required to win the lottery;
Growing Revenue requires implementing an effective strategy

An effective strategy is a combination of ambition, vision, and analysis of factual reality. Your organization’s leadership delivers the ambition and vision, and ClientView does the rest.

We can help.


ClientView focuses on your overarching strategic objective as consistent long-term Revenue Growth. Our Six-Step Approach for achieving Revenue Growth will help you …

  • Develop a clear understanding of relevant Revenue Growth facts
  • Organize the facts into a roadmap to achieve strategic objectives
  • Build internal commitment and teamwork
  • Create, monitor, and adjust the strategy implementation plan

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CV Strategizing Services

Choose one, two, five … or all. You decide how CV can best help you win.

  • Strategy Workshops
  • Business Development Framework
  • Strategy Roadmaps
  • Vision/Ambition Workshops
  • Business Development Responsibility Matrix
  • Strategy Implementation Plan
  • After-Action Reviews
  • Template Development
    • Annual Strategic Plan
    • Annual Business plan
    • Annual Marketing Plan
    • Annual Sales Plan
  •  Market Surveys and Assessments
  • 3-Year Revenue Forecasting
  •  Strategic Advisory Council
  •  100 Day Strategic/Tactic Plan Guide
  • Performance-Based Position Descriptions
  •  Incentive Compensation Plans Proposing
  • Training
    • Strategy Analysis and Planning
    • Market Entry
    • Business Development Management