Are You Finding the RIGHT Leads?

You won’t find leads just lying around on the ground – you need to know HOW and WHERE to look

Prospecting identifies and generates leads, then tracks, assesses, and qualifies leads as they move through the Business Development Funnel.

prospectingSuccessful Prospecting means you understand your Client’s challenges, match your capabilities and skills, and apply this understanding to establish Stage Gates for making Go/No-Go decisions before you Position your company or write Proposals.

We can help.

ClientView can support your Prospecting activities with our professional experience as Government executives, Presidents/CEOs of Government contractors, demonstrated capability in winning new Government contracts, and demonstrated performance helping companies Grow Revenue.

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CV Prospecting Services

Choose one, two, five … or all. You decide how CV can best help you win.

  • Identify potential customers and programs
  • Conduct research on potential customers, their objectives, and program targets
  • Estimate the value of potential contracts
  • Identify leads
  • Respond to RFIs, Sources Sought Notices, and other information requests
  • Customize your Business Development process
  • Create tracking system for lead monitoring
  • Obtain Information required for qualifying each opportunity
  • Develop Go/No-Go Criteria for Stage-Gate decisions