Are You Writing WINNING Proposals?

Government evaluators don’t read proposals, they score them

proposingWriting winning proposals is an art, a science, and a process, not a sales pitch. Proposal writing that results in winning Government contracts also requires understanding and addressing very specific and complex requirements AND address the Government’s evaluation factors.

Your goal as a Government contractor is to achieve the highest score on the Evaluator’s scale*, not to sell your solution.

We can help.

ClientView can help you Win. We know what the Government is looking for… and we know how to convey your firm’s services as value-added benefits that matter to your Government customer.

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CV Proposal Development Services

Choose one, two, five … or all. You decide how CV can best help you win.

  • RFP Analysis
  • Competitive Intelligence Analysis
  • Customer Intelligence Analysis
  • Win Theme Strategy/ Discriminator Development
  • Proposal Creation and Production Management Planning
  • Annotated Outlines
  • Proposal Management Services
  • Proposal Writing
  • Graphics Development
  • Proposal Template Development and DTP Support
  • Color Review Teams
  • Copyediting
  • Production and Submittal
  • Post-Proposal Assistance (Responses to Interrogatories)
  • Win/Loss Proposal Debrief Analysis