Does Your Customer WANT You to Win?

Writing a strong proposal is usually not enough to win a Government contract

positioningPositioning is the most important step in the Strategic Business Development process.

You must position your company as the firm that is most likely to win the contract well before the RFP or Grant Application Request is released. You must provide critical information to the prospective client, often one-on-one, to assist them in understanding how they can achieve their objective with the least risk, at a fair price, and in full compliance with their quality requirements and schedule.

Your goal is to be positioned as the best choice for the Government; they would be foolish to select anyone else.

We can help. 

ClientView can help you Position to Win. We know how to communicate with Government customers so they understand the unique value you bring to achieve their objectives.

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CV Positioning Services

Choose one, two, five … or all. You decide how CV can best help you win.

  • Identify Key Government Customers
  • Arrange Sales Calls with Government Decision Makers
  • Facilitate Sales Calls
  • Provide Effective Coaching
  • Opportunity Investment Assessment
  • Capture Plan Development
  • Discriminator Development
  • White Paper Development
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Teaming Guidance
  • Sales Call Training
  • Positioning Training
  • Training in Best Value versus Low Price/Technically Acceptable
  • Propose Strategies