Is Your Performance OPTIMAL?

Do these statements reflect Exceptional contract performance?

  • “We’re meeting our contract’s Terms and Conditions.”
  • “Our COR says we’re doing well.”
  • “Our e-mails and phone calls with our client make sure they record our performance – we’ll get top scores based on that.”

PerformingIf you said yes, then we need to talk.

ClientView sees it differently: Your overarching performance objective is consistent, long-term Revenue Growth, and to achieve that objective, you need Exceptional performance ratings from your Government customer. We can partner with you to identify key performance factors, develop a performance strategy, and conduct essential start-of-work transition action BEFORE you actually begin work.

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CV Performance Services

Choose one, two, five … or all. You decide how CV can best help you win.

  • Contract Reviews
  • System (CPARS)* training
  • CPARS-focused processes
  • Stakeholder Identification
  • Performance Strategy and Plan
  • Trust-Building Strategies
  • Communication Strategy
  • In-Process Reviews
  • Contract Close-out Activities
  • Change Management
  • Maintain Your Business Systems
    • Accounting
    • Billing
    • Labor
    • Earned Value
    • Purchasing
    • Material Planning
    • Quality
  • Position to Win

*CPARS is the DOD system that feeds the Federal Past Performance Information Retrieval System (PPIRS)