Are you Sharply Focused on Revenue Growth?

  • Does your annual revenue fluctuate?
  • Are you winning less than 60% of your proposals?
  • Is your Government market niche stagnated or declining?

We can help.

Revenue Growth Client ViewWhat we do…

We follow a customizable Six-Step Approach for achieving Revenue Growth. These Six Steps are parts of a continuum – the activities in one inform the next – and each is essential for successful Revenue Growth.

  • Strategizing – know WHERE you are headed and plan HOW to get there
  • Marketing – UNDERSTAND your market and COMMUNICATE effectively
  • Prospecting – Find and qualify specific LEADS and OPPORTUNITIES
  • Positioning – Develop and implement a CAPTURE PLAN to become the firm the Government wants to win
  • Proposing – Create and submit a WINNING proposal
  • Performing – Deliver excellent performance and achieve EXCEPTIONAL performance ratings to build the foundation for winning future contracts
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…and How we do it.

Every Client has its own unique circumstances – we recognize that and work with your firm in the way that makes sense for you…

  • Advise and Consult – occasional advice and/or targeted guidance
  • Coach and Instruct – help your team develop new skills or bring on new team members
  • Collaborate and Partner – create new approaches and strategies, build relationships with the Government, and open up new opportunities
  • Augment Your Team – need access to a new agency? conducting market research for a new product? help with a proposal? or help implementing/understanding new contract requirements?
  • Provide Full Service – outsource your proposal or Business Development activities

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