Seeing is Believing, but Make the Call Anyway

We all know that RFPs are tightly scripted, highly-detailed documents. Yet, not everything you need to know can be gleaned from reading the RFP. Talking to the potential customer – well before the RFP is released – is essential  before investing large resources in developing a proposal.

Picture this: An RFP crosses your desk and appears to be a perfect opportunity for your company to bid. You have worked with this Government agency before, just not this particular group.  Your technology and past performance are an excellent match for the project described in the RFP, so you bid – and lose!  What happened?

You schedule a debrief after the loss and find out several critical things:

  • The Government’s challenges weren’t clearly outlined in the solicitation, and knowing them would have changed your approach to one more suitable to their needs
  • The RFP appeared to be asking for a high-tech solution, but they only had funding for a simple low-cost approach
  • The winning contractor’s proposed program manager was a  well-respected executive recently retired from the very same Government agency

If you had known this information beforehand, you may have chosen not to make the substantial bid and proposal investment. A few face-to-face conversations with the customer could have brought these issues to light and saved many thousands in bid and proposal costs.

ClientView assists clients in establishing effective communications with potential customers to avoid situations such as this — where time, money, and energy could be saved with a simple conversation. Since many on our team have previously held high-level roles in the Government, we can facilitate face to face meetings with just about any agency in which you are interested.

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