Follow the Rules

Follow the RFP Rules

Recently I was discussing a Compliance Review we conducted for a client on a draft proposal.

We typically use a ‘traffic light’ system to code our assessments – Green for compliant, Yellow for Close But Needs Work and Red for Fix This or Be Disqualified. The assessment also provides specific guidance on how to fix or improve the non-compliant section.

Compliance is an interesting topic because it’s the details that get you thrown out. Compliance can have one or both of the following: (1) a Binary Component and/or (2) an Objective Component. Continue reading

The Cause of Bad Proposals?

The Cause of Bad Proposals?

Imagine you are the CEO reporting to your Board of Directors at next quarter’s Board Meeting and you present the following:

“During the past three months Vague and Foggy, Inc. invested in four lots of lottery tickets at $10,000 each. We bought 10,000 tickets for a total of $40,000 and thought we had a very good chance of winning more than $3M. However, to date we have only won $3.00 on one ticket. Therefore, next quarter we plan to invest in six lots to improve our chances of winning.” Continue reading

Good Firms and Bad Proposals

After more than 40 years of leading, and consulting to, Government contractors, I continue to be puzzled by the common practice of a good firm submitting bad proposals. In this context a Bad Proposal is a proposal that will very obviously lose. This seems to be a bad disease and somewhat contagious. Continue reading