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Heads up to anyone planning on visiting Federal facilities after January 30, 2017 – if you are from  Kentucky, Maine, Montana, Pennsylvania or South Carolina, then your state issued driver’s license is no longer an acceptable form of identification for access. Residents of those lucky five states, along with Washington, Minnesota, and Missouri, are no longer able to enter Federal facilities using their state IDs as their primary form of identification.

Each facility and agency has leeway in determining acceptable forms of ID – but US government issued passports, or passport ID cards, are a good choice.

While this is important for those performing business development – it’s critical if you are planning on hand-delivering a proposal. The last thing you want to do is find out that your ID is unacceptable when you arrive at your proposal drop-off point on the day it is due.

I have witnessed the lengthy delays for those not possessing an acceptable form of ID – missing a proposal deadline for a simple administrative item such as this would be devastating for your firm.
Our advice – if your ID is issued by one of these eight states – call ahead to the entry point and determine what IDs are considered acceptable.

And always carry your passport as a backup…if nothing else, it will always get you through a TSA checkpoint.

Safe Travels!

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