Helping Government Contractors Solve Top Business Development Challenges

Helping Government Contractors Solve Top Business Development Challenges

Have you seen Deltek’s recent results from its 2015 Top Business Development Challenges for Government Contractors survey?

Of the top five challenges, two are critical to a firm’s ability to win:

  • #1 – Limited Business Development (BD) Resources
  • #5 – Not Enough Time to Assemble High Quality Responses to RFPs and RFIs

Is your company experiencing any of these challenges? If yes, what are you doing to maintain or —  better yet — increase your Win Rate in spite of them?

Maybe you’re considering hiring more BD leadership. Since these are typically expensive overhead positions that eat directly into your profit, be sure to vet several qualified candidates and be prepared to offer competitive compensation packages (read: high salaries, bonuses, perks) to those who can prove they’ve helped other firms win more business.

Alternatively, you could outsource your BD efforts, perhaps first seeking help in writing winning proposals (challenge #5), and then, when you’re comfortable with an external firm’s expertise, weaving them into your Strategy, Capture, and Positioning efforts (challenge #1).

Here’s where ClientView can provide value for your dollar.

Our proposal managers, senior writers, color reviewers, editors, graphics experts, and desktop publishers have been developing winning government proposals for 20+ years – more than $27B in wins. There are several ways we can help you:

  • Augment your firm’s proposal team when you’ve exceeded capacity due to a crush of RFP activity or when you need expert support on a “must win” contract
  • Provide on-the-job or formal in-class proposal preparation training to your team
  • Become your outsourced proposal team – only there when you need us, saving you valuable overhead costs

Realizing the impact of proposal and BD costs to your bottom line, we keep the costs of our services reasonable by collaborating with you remotely … only being at your office when necessary, such as for a critical brainstorming session or color review report-out. Our Citrix™ Sharefile system enables secure file transmittals so your data isn’t emailed over the Internet for the world to intercept.

We can guide you past BD hurdles that make your competitors stumble — so that your government clients recognize your value.

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