Crunch Time is No Time for Reflection – How Effective is Your Proposal Process?

Not just your win/loss record, but how well does your process support proposal creation and production? Proposal best practices and lessons learned are important enterprise assets that you should be capturing – and leveraging. After all, proposals offer hard and sometimes expensive lessons – and you should benefit from them every time.

Reviewing your internal proposal performance is one step to increasing your win probability. Ask yourself: how well did you handle team mobilization, task assignment, color team output, completion, and submission, etc.?

These are among the key focus areas for what did, and did not, go well.

When reviewing these elements, look for problems with team member skill selection, task coordination, writing/rewriting performance, graphics usage, understanding your customer and their requirement(s), and meeting effectiveness. Document the areas where you spent energy needlessly, suffered from missed, or poor communication, and/or failed to meet key milestones. These are only a few of many individual topics that warrant review and analysis. You may find others unique to your organization.

Continuous proposal improvement is an essential part of your “Capture Management” process. Identifying and addressing key insights needs to be a standard task inherent in your culture. This means establishing the need to capture continuous improvement insights from each team member.


During pre-proposal activity, proposal creation, right after submission, and then again after notification. Assign someone to shadow your proposal team and have them focus on keeping process notes and lessons learned as you go. Make the requirement for noting challenges, good ideas, and mis-steps clear during your first proposal team in-brief, then follow through at each proposal milestone.

How did you rate?

If you fail to learn from your last proposal, it will negatively impact your next proposal team’s individual and team efforts. These are expensive lessons you already paid for … don’t lose them through inaction.

ClientView can guide you on setting up an effective lessons-learned process. Give us a call…


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