NDIA Seminar

ClientView Consulting is proud to announce Managing Partner Gary Dunbar as a guest speaker at the NDIA New England Chapter seminar on May 2, 2013. Please join Gary as he discusses the keys to revenue growth, and shares his years of knowledge and experience.

“Strategies for the New Defense Market” A Seminar for Government Contractors (Large and Small) May 2, 2013, 7:30am – 12:00 Noon

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Going Commercial – When Government Contractors Move into the Commercial Market

Last month we discussed the looming Sequestration as both a challenge and an opportunity for Government Contractors.  This month we explore the landscape facing firms considering moving from a predominately Federal Government focus into the Commercial Market space. 

Selling to the Federal Government and the Commercial Market are two very different prospects.  There are some similarities – e.g. both are enormous, both have predictable cycles, and have multiple sub-segments made up of unique consumers. However, the Federal Market Space as a whole operates entirely different from any Commercial Market. Let’s consider the following: Continue reading “Going Commercial – When Government Contractors Move into the Commercial Market” »

Sequestration – Government Contractors’ Most Pressing Opportunity

If you live in the United States by now you have heard of the looming “Fiscal Cliff” and/or “Sequestration” and should be a bit concerned. If you are employed by, an owner of, or an investor in a Government contracting enterprise, your level of concern should be significantly more than a “bit.” Regardless of what politicians do after the election, a significant reduction in discretionary Government funding is assured and will directly impact most Government contractors. Those impacts may include: Continue reading “Sequestration – Government Contractors’ Most Pressing Opportunity” »

Pitfalls of Incumbency

(When What You Know Really Can Hurt You)

Steak and Baked Potato

Imagine that you go to a restaurant and order a rib eye and baked potato, no vegetable. Your server looks you in the eye and says, “Don’t I see you at the gym on Tuesdays? Haven’t you heard that a high cholesterol diet can lead to heart disease? And low-carb is really in right now. I’m going to get you a nice grilled chicken breast, some brown rice, and asparagus. I know you’ll like it better.”That server is doing exactly what so many Federal contractor incumbents do: assuming they know what their customer wants based on perceived insight, knowledge, and previous experience. But – taking this approach raises some interesting questions – for instance, what happens when you:  Continue reading “Pitfalls of Incumbency” »

True Story

Winning by submitting a compelling presentation of the required information vs. losing by submitting relevant but unwanted information


A Department Head had overseen a comprehensive and lengthy effort to submit a proposal that was ultimately rejected. It was a very thorough proposal and clearly told the story of his organizations’ history and outstanding achievements. Both dejected and curious, he attended a debriefing meeting to find

out why his proposal was not selected. Among the reasons provided by the Government Contracting Officer was the fact that the proposal included considerably more information than had been required in the Request for Proposal (RFP). Filtering through the extraneous content to find the stated requirements had made proposal evaluation difficult for the Source Selection Evaluation Board (SSEB), and the proposal ended up being downgraded as unresponsive. Continue reading “True Story” »