Book Release

ClientView Consulting Proudly Announces the Release of a New Book by Managing Partner Gary Dunbar


About the book

Creating, managing and operating a government contracting firm that holds revenue growth as the most important strategic objective is the focus of this book. It is an example filled roadmap of how to create a shared vision for revenue growth, motivate employees and create a step-by-step decision process for investing in your company’s future. Gary explains the nuances of working in a government contract environment, and outlines the fundamentals of creating and managing a business development process from strategy through prospecting, qualifying leads, positioning, proposing, negotiation and on to the victory party.

About the author

Over the past 46 years, Gary has worked on Government contracts with responsibilities ranging from project team member to CEO, developing a deep understanding of the government contracting business. When in top leadership positions, he led one firm to grow from $0 to an over $1B contract portfolio in four years; another to more than triple annual revenue in less than four years; and a third to improve its competitive contract win rate from 20% to consistently over 65% in less than three years.

As a ClientView partner and consultant, he assisted client firms in winning new contracts valued at over $2B, and others in establishing consistent, long-term revenue growth of over 35% annually for four years or more. He has also trained client firm staff in marketing, positioning and proposing to build revenue growth.

He and his wife Claire live in New England, have three grown children, four grandsons and one dog. He earned his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees at MIT and loves light tackle and fly fishing.

Revenue Growth by Gary A. Dunbar is available at

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