Ed Harrington

Career Summary

Ed HarringtonBG(R) Harrington is a former senior U.S. Army officer with 30+ years’ experience in weapon and information systems life cycle acquisition, contracting/contract management and military logistics operations, worldwide. He has extensive leadership and management experience in DoD, U.S. Army and Joint operations in the U.S., Europe, the Balkans, Pacific Rim, Southeast Asia (Viet Nam) and the Middle East during Operations Iraqi Freedom (OIF) and Enduring Freedom (OEF), Afghanistan. He has served in command and staff positions from the platoon/company/battalion and group level to senior positions most recently (2010) as the Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army-Procurement (DASA-P) reporting to the Army’s Assistant Secretary for Acquisition, Logistics and Technology (ASA, AL+T). Earlier, he served as an Army Program Executive Officer (PEO), finishing his active service as the Director, Defense Contract Management Agency (DCMA) and DoD’s PEO for the Standard Procurement System.

Consulting Domains

Go/No Go Decisions: Improving the effectiveness of key business development decisions is essential to rapidly improving a company’s financial performance – and among these decisions the GO/NO GO decision is critical. BG(R) Harrington’s experience with Government procurements, the processes and procedures, and understanding the training and career requirements of procurement officials provides him with key knowledge required to win a competitive procurement. His insight can assist your team in selecting the opportunities most likely to win and significantly improve your company’s return on business development investment.

Protest Assessments: The decision to file a protest to a procurement decision has both legal and business consequences. Having overseen over $950B in contracts, advised the Army Secretary and Undersecretary on procurement matters, BG(R) Harrington can provide critical insight into the value and potential business risks associated with filing a protest.

Win Strategy: The steps in winning significant new contracts begin well before the RFP is issued and require a thoughtful plan or win strategy. Having been twice a Program Executive Officer responsible for overall acquisition strategy development, as well as the senior officer responsible for developing and implementing workforce recruitment, expansion, training, education and career development for over 5,500 procurement managers and specialists, BG(R) Harrington intimately understands the current acquisition community. His knowledge in this area can provide your team insight into developing a win strategy for specific opportunities that will expand your market share in the Government sector and grow your revenue.

Positioning Tactics: Each opportunity requires specific tactics or actions your firm should implement before the RFP is issued to improve your chances of success. BG(R) Harrington has direct experience interacting with Government personnel at all levels including Congress, the Joint Staff, the Assistant Secretary of the Army, Acquisition, Technology and Logistics, DoD and Army Program Offices, Contracting Offices, and many other areas. This experience afforded BG Harrington with a systemic broad perspective and deep understanding, allowing him to provide guidance on how best to demonstrate your firm’s value thus maximizing your chances of winning.

Proposal Mock Evaluation: Looking at your proposal through the eyes of a Source Selection Official provides critical assessments of your standing and offers essential improvements that very direct impact on the contract award decision. As a seasoned acquisition professional, Red Team, and Blue Team reviewer, BG(R) Harrington can use his expertise to assess whether your proposal presents a compelling case for award and is both product/service and proposal compliant. Having seen, read and participated in multiple proposals across different industries, he will provide both the Government and commercial perspectives on how to make a good draft into a winning proposal.

Diversification: Expanding your business base by taking your firm’s capabilities to new clients or providing additional services/products to existing clients is an intrinsic part of most growth strategies. BG(R) Harrington’s experience with workforce expansion, market assessment, and capability analysis has provided him with insight into the challenges and rewards associated with diversification. He can assist your team in assessing, mitigating, and managing the risks and achieving the rewards associated with this critical corporate decision.