ClientView Working For You

When we engage you as a new Client, we customize our approach to ensure you get the right type of support for your circumstances:

  • We assign a Partner to work with you who has the most experience and knowledge relevant to your situation
  • All of the work we do is performed in a collaborative manner where we become an extension of your firm’s capabilities and performance
  • You may prefer, like most of our Clients, to authorize the work we do in small chunks with clear schedules and budgets rather than large open-ended tasks
  • When there is insufficient information for budgeting our work, we arrange a cost-control method that keeps you fully informed and in control
  • All of our Client engagements require a contract. We provide a copy of our Standard Contract for your review and discuss any of your concerns before you authorize us to proceed; this Standard Contract is a one-year task order agreement that enables you to authorize work in steps as we proceed and is renewable from year to year
  • When your issues of concern require capabilities beyond our in-house expertise, we propose additional resources from our affiliations and network for your consideration