ClientView’s Philosophy

buy Lyrica australia We help Government Contractors achieve consistent Revenue Growth by implementing an effective Best Practices-based Business Development approach

je cherche un site de rencontre gratuit Our deliberate and flexible approach is customized to your needs, challenges, objectives, and available resources – enabling us to position you as an Industry Leader. Along the way, we help you prepare and submit winning proposals and guide you to be responsive in both performance and delivery.

site d annonce rencontre gratuit We take time to learn about your business and understand how it addresses the Government’s challenges;  if it doesn’t, we help you re-think, re-strategize, and re-position – always recommending what’s in YOUR best interest (e.g., a No-Go decision), not ours.

With years of professional experience working for (and with) the Government, and helping others do the same, our team knows what the Government is looking for and how to Position You to Win.

And we don’t stop there. Our Clients’ continued success is our priority. Staying current with Government trends and needs, we have the tools, services, and knowledge to guide you to constantly re-invent … to keep your solutions aligned with evolving Government requirements … to sustain Revenue Growth.

We Deliver Value Through

How We DeliverSample Practical Application
Deep Comprehension of the Government MarketEffectively identify and vet opportunities
Develop an Intimate Customer KnowledgeAdjust our strategy to sync with your needs, challenges, and objectives 
Position as Industry LeaderOffer solutions that match the Government’s challenges
Make Proper Go/No-Go DecisionsReview capture intelligence, assess competition, perform gap analysis to build the winning team
How We DeliverSample Practical Application
Set ExpectationsBe clear about what we can deliver and when it can be delivered
Keep Our PromisesNever over-promise and always do what we say we will do (price, value, and timeline)
Avoid Conflicts of Interest We don’t work directly for the Government
Stay Within Our Capability BoundsFind the right expert to address your need
Push Back on Detrimental ActivitiesNever agree to let you make a false claim
How We DeliverSample Practical Application
Customized Approach Matching our Client’s NeedsOffer Business Development Coaching, Training, Support, Augmentation, or Complete Service; utilize your materials to achieve a practical application that resonates with your team
Strategy Development Based on Government ProcessesCorrelate our Business Development approach with the Government’s fiscal year, funding timelines, and acquisition process
CV Business Development FrameworkA guide to identifying practical Business Development activities at each stage
Strategic Thinking
How We DeliverSample Practical Application
PlanningFacilitate internal workshops to achieve a strategic result designed around an appropriate Value Delivery Strategy for your situation
Organizational DevelopmentDesign your organization to effectively operate in a Government Contracting environment
Positioning to WinProvide effective Capture; work with Government Program Managers and Key Influencers so they WANT you to win
Proposing to WinDevelop proposals that demonstrate your key discriminators and present them in a responsive, persuasive, compliant submission
How We DeliverSample Practical Application
Stay Current with US Government Trends and NeedsHelp you re-invent so your solutions are aligned with evolving Government requirements to sustain Revenue Growth
Work with CEOsHelp Senior Leaders see their company’s full value to capture all opportunities
Confidence in ClientViewUse stringent Non-Disclosure Agreements, NEVER reveal our Clients without their permission, and follow strict Ethics and Conflict of Interest Guidelines
Offer Secure File Exchange ServiceUse Citrix’s ShareFile software to securely store and share confidential business files, safeguarding your files with state-of-the-art encryption protocols and data centers equipped to protect against data loss