Congress Passes 2018 NDAA

Congress recently passed the 2018 National Defense Authorization Act which authorizes programs and funding for the Department of Defense, and addresses certain other policy and fiscal matters important to Government Contractors.

Selected 2018 NDAA Highlights

  • Simplified Acquisition Threshold is increased to $250,000 (from $100,000)
  • Micro-Purchase Threshold is increased to $10,000 (from $3,000)
  • Increased some thresholds for reporting Cost or Pricing Data
  • Expanded de-briefing disclosure requirements for certain awards
  • Establishes a Pilot Program requiring certain contractors to cover the costs of ‘denied’ GAO protests
  • Prohibits using LPTA contracting for EMD phases in Major Defense Programs
  • Gives Service Chiefs new authority in approving new programs
  • Congress is restricting up to 50% of Army WIN-T Increment II funding
  • Congress is capping funding for the Navy’s next nuclear Air Craft Carriers
  • Coast Guard is authorized to buy one additional Ice Breaker
  • Navy is authorized multi-year contracting for Destroyers and Submarines
  • Air Force is required to maintain a minimum number of mission air craft
  • Restricts the Air Force’s ability to select a single contractor for C-130H modernization
  • Air Force authorized to enter into Economic Order Contracts for F-35 components
  • Expands DoD use of Academic Institutions for DoD Defense Research
  • Established a Pilot Program to pay DoD employee inventors royalties for inventions
  • DoD to transfer surplus firearms for sale to the public; others for demilitarization
  • Encourages customized Intellectual Property strategies for each program

Access the 2018 NDAA Here

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