Government Contractors:

It’s not about you … it’s about your Client

“To Understand Why John Smith Buys What John Smith Buys, You Must See the World through John Smith’s Eyes.”

This well-known marketing axiom is rarely understood in Government Business Development.

ClientView’s purpose and approach is to change that, which is why we are different.

Our purpose is to help your firm see itself through the Government’s lens, orient your operations and service approach to meet the Government’s expectations, and, most importantly, help you build and implement an effective Business Development approach to achieve steady long-term Revenue Growth.

From Strategy to Proposal Writing – We help Government Contractors understand what’s important to the Government, and then collaborate to help our Clients …

  • Achieve consistent long-term Revenue Growth
  • Improve Business Development performance
  • Obtain critical business intelligence
  • Shape opportunities to their favor
  • Write winning proposals for strategically important contracts

We Want Your Clients to Recognize the Value You Bring

ClientView – Your Client’s View of Value


ClientView Partners Discuss
Challenges Facing Government Contractors

Three ClientView Partners participated as panelists/speakers at APMP’s* 2018 Bid and Proposal Con:

Luanne Smulsky During Virtual Team Panel Discussions

Luanne Smulsky contributed her experience and expertise in managing virtual teams to a packed house. She described advantages such as reduced travel, infrastructure, time management, and access to a wider range of talent.

Ed Harrington (second from left) Discusses Proposal Evaluation

Ed Harrington brought his vast experience as a government procurement executive to the panel aptly titled “Everything You Need to Know About Evaluators (But Were Afraid to Ask).”

Steve Anderson Makes a Point During the Mind Map vs. Rico Cluster Workshop

Steve Anderson co-led a workshop exploring Rico Clusters and Mind Maps – two ways to help proposal organization and writing.

*ClientView is a corporate member/supporter of the Association of Proposal Management Professionals, APMP –  the international association of record for 10,000+ Bid, Proposal, Business Development, Capture, and Graphics Professionals.